A London Escort Talks Handjobs and BlowJobs

Handjobs vs Blowjobs

What happens behind closed doors you will never know, but I understand that more and more people are into hand jobs and blow jobs. London Escorts enjoy doing both with their boyfriends, and many a London escort say that when they are short of time, they give their boyfriends a hand job.

Hand jobs are also popular as part of massages, and escorts in London do give their partners a lot of massages. One London escort that I know really well, said that here boyfriend came home from work really stressed the other day, but felt better after a massage and a hand job. Many escorts feel the same way, some times they are running out of time with their boyfriends and they finish off with a hand job.

Blow jobs

Blow jobs used to be very popular but it seems that they are going out of fashion. You hear less and less people talking about them, and a lot of partners do not ask for them anymore. As part of a 69 they can be great fun, and you can both stimulate each other at the same time. This is actually a great technique when you are in a bit of dash or hurry, as you get a chance to both enjoy each other and at the same time you can achieve an orgasm without getting really sweaty and sticky.

However, blow jobs are less and less popular. Another negative thing is that you can’t really give a guy a blow job in a car anymore. There are just too many people about, and you may even get arrested for sexual explicit behavior. It really makes you wonder what the police is up to these days, don’t they have anything better to do than to stop you giving blow jobs? Perhaps they fancy one themselves and get frustrated when they see you giving one to your boyfriend.

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Hand Jobs

Hand jobs are just wonderful. They can be given anytime, if you know how to control yourself. For instance you can give your boyfriend a hand job when you car is parked. Keep a blanket in the back of the car, and just throw that over when you feel the need coming on. They can be sexy at the finest restaurant but you need to be able to control yourself, so no yelling at at the moment of perfect pleasure.

As part of a massage or a shower they are absolutely wonderful. Make sure you don’t have too much oil on your hands as otherwise your partner might just slip away from you. Gently massage your partner’s entire groin area before slipping his cock gently into your hands. Massage gently but firmly and don’t forget about his balls. Most men do like having their balls massaged as well, and this can be good for extra pleasure as well.

If, you like you can use your lips to hold in place whilst you give him a hand job. Alternatively, hold him with one hand and massage with the other.

There are many different techniques you can try, and if you have a special technique, it would be great if you wrote in and shared the information with the London escorts here at the Better Sex offices.


How to use Your Tongue and Lips

How do you make the most out of your tongue and lips is the question on many ladies minds. A London Escort appreciates that you can develop some amazing tongue and lips techniques with virtually very little effort. Stimulating your partner using your tongue and lips is both fun and effective, and a lot of escorts in London make a game out of it together with their boyfriends.

Every London Escort has long passed little tongue and lips tips in between each other. It is a good idea for escorts to have some extra techniques available when they only have a short time to spend with their boyfriends. Just like anybody else, very single London escort loves to make the most out of their time together with their partners and make things as pleasurable for them as possible. Now, it is not only a London escorts who may not have time in abundance to spend with their boyfriends, the same goes for many girls out there.

Here at Better Sex we thought it was time we sat up a Sex Tip panel so that ladies from all around the world could enjoy some hot tips from escorts. This week we are going to be focusing on tongue and lips tips from three West End London escorts.


Your tongue can be the perfect weapon when it comes to arousing a man. Yes, of course you can use it to lick his cock up and down but you can use it in other ways as well. You can have some tongue tickling fun by tickling a man’s spine with your tongue. The spine is home to many sensitive nerve endings, and it can be very stimulating.

Place your lover on his stomach with a soft cushion under his most precious parts to make him more comfortable. Sit astride the top of his back and gently work your way down his entire spine with the tip of your tongue. Stop to make the odd surprise lick here and there, and stroke your hands along his sides gently until you get to his hips. Grab his hips firmly, and you can now turn him over to continue tickling the rest of him. Now what do you think about that? Instantly, it takes you seamlessly into the most perfect 69. Not a bad idea for a bit of extra fun on a Saturday afternoon.

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Lip Service

Your lips can be wonderful sensitive tools, and learning to make the most out of them is a good idea. Use them when you enjoy your 69 but by all means use them for other things as well. Your lips naturally form the most perfect O, and you can use them for sucking more than his cock.

The stomach and groin areas both have a lot of sensitive points, and using your lips to stimulate them can be just sensational. Moisten your lips, and place them close to the area around the belly button. Gently suck and blow warmly over the spot, and slowly work your way down to the groin area. Continue to gently hold and suck in the folds of the groin, and work your way on to his cock.

Having fun with your lips and tongue can be a new exciting venture for both parties say London escorts. Don’t be afraid to show your boyfriend where you would like to be licked and sucked as well.